Petro Pars Ghodrat test and commissioning تست و راه اندازی توسط شرکت پترو پارس قدرت

Test & Commissioning

Test and commissioning are the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.

What We Do

1. Transformer tests like:

  • Insulation resistance Test.
  • Winding resistance Test.
  • Turns Ration / Voltage ratio Test
  • Polarity / Vector group Test.
  • No-load losses and current Test.
  • Short-circuit impedance and load loss Test.
  • Continuity Test.
  • Magnetizing Current Test.
  • Magnetic Balance Test.
  • High Voltage Test.
  • Dielectric tests (Separate source AC voltage/ Induced overvoltage/ Lightning impulse tests).
  • Test on On-load tap changers, where appropriate.
  • Dielectric special tests.
  • Zero-sequence impedance on three-phase transformers.
  • Short-circuit test.
  • Harmonics on the no-load current.
  • Power taken by fan and oil-pump motors.
  • Determination of sound levels.
  • Determination of capacitances between windings and earth, and between windings.
  • Determination of transient voltage transfer between windings.
  • Tests intended to be repeated in the field to confirm no damage during shipment, for example Frequency Response Analysis.

2. Protection Relay test 

  • Testing Overvoltage (59) Protection
  • Under-voltage (27) Protection Testing
  • Over/Under Frequency (81) Protection Testing
  • Instantaneous Over-current (50) Element Testing
  • Time Over-current (51) Element Testing
  • Directional Over-current (67) Element Testing
  • Simple Percent Differential (87) Element Testing
  • Percent Differential (87) Element Testing
  • Unrestrained-Differential Testing
  • Line Distance (21) Element Testing

3. Protection Relay End-to-End Testing 

perform end to end testing

  • Line Differential
  • Pilot Wire Protection
  • Phase/Charge Comparison Protection
  • Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) Scheme
  • Direct Under-Reaching Transfer Trip (DUTT)
  • Permissive Over-Reaching Transfer Trip (POTT)
  • Directional Comparison Unblocking (DCUB)
  • Directional Comparison Unblocking (DCUB)
  • Directional Comparison Blocking (DCB)

4. insulation tests for all kinds of device and equipment 

Our solutions

Our Start-up and Commissioning solution includes:

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