پتروپارس حرفه ای professional Petro pars electrician


Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control.

What We Do

  1. Installation and commissioning of control systems includes: FCS, DCS, ESD and PLC.
  2. Installation, engineering and design of the cable routes such as Tray/Ladder and Routes in Secondary Part.
  3. Performance of main and secondary cables.
  4. Installation of panels and Instrumentation junction boxes.
  5. Installation of cable glands to equipment, junction boxes and panels with Cable Termination.
  6. Calibration and Installation of field instruments such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, and density transmitters and controllers.
  7. Calibration and installation of analyzers for density, moisture, O2, CO2 and gas chromatographer.
  8. Piping and tubing of process field instruments.
  9. Instrumentation loop check.
  10. Installation, test and commissioning of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting system.
  11. Installation, Test and commissioning of telecommunication and Paging systems.
  12. Installation, Test and commissioning of CCTV camera system.
Contact Info
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