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Petro Pars Ghodrat Calibration List

PPG has more than 120 Calibration equipment with best quality for temporary situations you can find the details in the following table.

Multi-function calibrator FLUCKNo1
Calibrator pressure FluckNo1
Digital gage test – 1/40 Bar GPSNo1
Temperature calibrator PTB-TS-230No1
Multi-function calibrator 725No1
Loop calibrator 707No1
Temperature calibrator PTB 600No1
Pneumatic hand pump PTPNo1
Digital pressure gauge 700GNo1
Pressure calibrator Fluck – 718No1
Dead weight tester 1~700 bar accuracy 0.015 bar with increment weightSet1
Multi process calibrator source & measuring mA, V, Ω , T. C. RTD & etc.Set1
Multi process calibrator source & measuring mA, V, Ω , T. C. RTD & etc.Set1
Portable pneumatics hand pump 0~40 barSet1
Portable hydraulic hand pump 0~700 barSet1
Portable hydraulic hand pump 0~700 barSet1
Pneumatics pressure calibration source & measuringSet1
Digital standard gauge 0.83~6.9 bar absolute changeable unit range accuracy 0.0001 barSet1
Digital standard gauge 0.97~69 bar absolute changeable unit range accuracy 0.001 barSet1
Digital standard gauge 0~700 bar gauge changeable unit range accuracy 0.01 barSet1
Portable mA source & measure 4~20 mASet1
Temperature -50~150˚C/DRY block temperature calibratorSet1
Temperature AMB~700˚C/ Dry block temperature calibratorSet1
Portable digital thermometer 0~1200 ˚CSet1
Portable multi meter high accuracySet2
Stabilized power supply 0~30 V DC 3A 2 channelSet2
Hart field communicator 475 Set2
Hart communicator 475No7
Hydraulic hand pump – 700 BAR – GPSNo1
Dead weight tester 580 DXNo1
Millimeter 179No1
Millimeter DT 4252No1
Fine increment weightNo1
Thermometer S7No1
Pressure pump PGS 700No1
Power supply MP - 3003No1
Pencil Hi tester-( Hioki 3246-60)No2
Infrared thermometer-(Hioki FT3701-20)No2
Digital multimeter-( Hioki DT4281)No2
Digital multimeter-( Hioki DT4256)No2
AC Clamp meter-( Hioki 3280-10)No2
AC/AC Hi tester-( Hioki 3288-20)No2
Hi Tester-( Hioki 3244-60)No2
AC/DC Clamp meter-( Hioki CM4373)No2
AC Flexible current transformer-( Hioki CT 6280)No1
Clamp on AC/DC hi tester-( Hioki 3280)No1
Clamp on leak Hi tester-( Hioki 3283)No1
Insulation tester -( Hioki IR4057-20)Set1
Analogue ohm hi tester-( Hioki 401820)No1
AC Clamp meter-( Hioki 3280-20F)No1
True RMS clamp meter-( Hioki 376)No1
Motor and phase rotation tester-( Hioki PRM-6)No2
Earth tester-( Hioki FT6031)No2
Three phase relay tester-( Hioki AMT-0105)No1
Voltage detector-( Hioki 3481-20)No2
DEAD weight tester Budenberg 580No1
DEAD weight tester 4200(YU-600)No1
DC-Power supply MPS-6003L-2No1
Digital balance kern FTB35KINo1
Digital balance zero TUPENo1
Digital multimeter GPS-176No1
Digital pressure gauge AEPNo2
Digital temperature calibrator EIUK BTB-600No1
Digital temperature calibrator ISOTEK CA-02No1
Hand pump Fluke No1
Loop Calibrator Fluke 707No1
Metal ruler MC Steel No1
Multifunction process calibrator Fluke 725No3
Pressuer calibrator Fluke 718 100GNo3
Pressuer calibrator Fluke 718 1 GNo2
Pressuer calibrator Druck DPI 610No1
Pressuer gauge FlukeNo1
Pressuer test gauge wika CPG500No3
Reistancebox Lutron RBOX-408No1
Digital temperature calibrator EIUK T650M-MK2No1
Vemier caliper silver GT3751No1
Vibro meter Lutron VB-8212No1
Weight M1No2
Vemier caliper Mitutoyo No1
Vemier caliper Insize No1
Vemier caliper shoka gulf Vernier No1
Digital multimeter fluke 111No1
Dual display multimeter psip 45dualNo1
DC-power supply megatek mp-3003sNo1
Hart 475No4
Hand pump WIKANo1
Hand pump LTR LLP 700No1
Hand pumpNo1
Compressed air dryer ESD IS 30No1
Standard gauge broadhethNo2
DryBlock calibrator PSIP HTR-1200No1
Digital caliper hardenedNo1
DryBlock calibrator UK ETB1200No1
Hand pump GPSNo1
Multimeter Hioki 4252No1
Multimeter Fluke179No1
Thermometer Fluke 5111No1
Hand pump with 350 Bar SetSet1
Micri meter MITU TOYO 0~25 mmNo1
Temperature calibrator (PTB150)No1
Temperature calibrator (PTB1200)No1
Gauge Fluke 700 G06No1
Power supply DC 24VNo1
Power supply 110 VNo1
Thermometer and hygrometerNo1
FLUKE pressure indicator P100No1
High pressure tube 700 BarNo1
Dead weight tester No1
Weight 1 BarNo1
Weight 2 BarNo1
Weight 5 BarNo1
Weight 10 BarNo1
Weight 20 BarNo1
Weight 50 BarNo1
Weight 90 BarNo1
Weight 100 BarNo1
Weight 0.2 BarNo1
Weight 0.5 BarNo1
Digital caliper 30cmNo1
Gauge pointer pullerNo1
Safety/ control valve bench testerSet1

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