Petro pars ghodrat partners شرکای تجاری پترو پارس قدرت


RAMPCO is one of the first private engineering, construction & maintenance contractor companies in Middle East petroleum and petrochemical industry.

نوتاش افرا


NOTASHAFRA is a specialized company in the field of installation of equipment for hydro, thermal and combined cycle power plants and oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Daelim Industrial partner in iran


Leading Construction & Petrochemical Company

همکار شرکت سازه در ایران


SAZEH executes EPC projects on a lump sum turn-key basis and has the ability to integrate engineering, procurement and construction to deliver an overall plant.

Pars Petrochemical Co.

Pars Petrochemical is diversifying in such a way that its subsidiary companies are being involved in a wide range of operations, including the production of raw materials, intermediates as well as final products in petrochemical and oil refining fields.

Pardis Petrochemical Co.

Pardis Petrochemical Company is the producer and supplier of ammonia and urea products, the owner of the largest ammonia and urea complex in the Middle East and one of the largest producers of these products worldwide. The high volume of superior products and technology, harmonization with environmental standards, and the ease of access to natural gas feed has increased.

Morvarid Petrochemical Co.

Morvarid Petrochemical Company Is one of the biggest Olefin units in the country with the annual capacity of 500000 tons of Ethylene. It provides about 8% of the Ethylene production capacity in the country. 60000 tons of Ethane produced in South Pars Phases provide the feedstock for this petrochemical unit.

Kavian Petrochemical Co.

Kavian Petrochemical Company is scheduled to organize and arrange the financial resources and ascertain correct implementation of western petrochemical projects.

Mehvarsazan Engineering and Construction Co.

Mehvarsazan Engineering and Construction co. has a good relationship and close collaboration with financing agencies, it provides an advantage to the company for bringing in local and foreign projects. Within a short period of time since its establishment, Mehvarsazan has been able to successfully complete numbers of projects which some of them could be assumed as a national project and received appreciations from the concerned authorities.

Bushehr Petrochemical Co.

Bushehr Petrochemical Company is scheduled to produce Ethane, Ethylene, C3+cuts, Methanol, Sulfur, EG, LLPDE/HDPE, Acetic acid and C3/C4.

IlamPetrochemical Co.

Ilam Petrochemical Company is one of PGPIC’s Olefin plants .Ilam Petrochemical Company is located in West of Iran and produces HDPE.

Sakhtar Sanat Paydar Co.

Sakhtar Sanat Paydar Company is scheduled to service: Project Development -Project Management -Engineering -Procurement -Construction -Financing -Investment -Operation and Maintenance.

Petrohamgam Co.

Petrohamgam Company tries to introduce itself as a part of the employer body in the form of its project and this is sure that the profit of the work will be real when the interests of the employer and finally the project are provided.

Kangan Petro Refining Co.

Kangan Petro Refining Company (KPRC) has been established in 2014 as a owner of C2 Recovery and Fractionation Plant of South Pars Phase 12. Production gas from this Phase without Recovery had been used for exportation and internal usage.

Sina Sanat Ahmadpour Co.

Sina Sanat Ahmadpour Company has proved the capability of Iranian contractors with its successful presence in the implementation of the country’s projects in the oil, petrochemical and steel industries.