پترو پارس تامین مواد اولیه و فروش Petro pars procurement material supply PPG

Commercial Services

  • Procurement
  • Material Supply


Our perfect and expert procurement team perform all relevant steps of material / equipment procurement for Procurement Projects, Procurement Engineering, and Procurement Services such as:

–     Material Requisition

–     Vendor investigation

–     Tendering and vendor selection

–     Technical clarification with vendors / bidders

–     TBA and CBA

–     PO issue and PO placement.

–     Holding KOM and PIM with vendors and end users

–     Vendor Expediting.

–     QC.

–     TPI coordination.

–     Delivery and customs clearance.

–     Vendor Data Book checking.


PPG supplies all electrical, instrumental, piping and mechanical material/equipment for all clients by using the full expert team and closed cooperation with the well-known vendors in the form of suppliership, joint-venture, and distributorship agreements.


1. Raychem-RPG company products.: PPG is already appointed as the         approved distributor of Raychem-RPG products including:

      o   Earthing Equipment

      o   Lightning Protection Equipment.

      o   Industrial Cable Glands

      o   Cable Lugs

      o   Safety Mats

2. SHOMAL Engineering & Manufacturing co. products: PPG is already appointed as Exclusive distributor of S.E.M.C. (Machine Sazi Shomal co.) products including:

      o   Lighting System

      o   Photocell

      o   Pillar Terminal Blocs

      o   Local Control Station

      o   Distribution, Control & Lighting Panels

      o   Socket & Receptacles

      o   Cable Glands

      o   Ex. Junction Boxes

      o   Conduits

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