Petro Pars Ghodrat Test Equipment List

PPG has a huge source of standard test equipment. Some of this equipment are listed in the following table . for more information about any specific device click on more details link provided in each row.

3 Phase Relay Tester AMT Pro SET1Technical Specifications include the following:
• Capable of testing in the transient state
• Capable of point-to-point or end-to-end testing
• Having 6 AC and DC 32 A current phases
• Having 4 AC 150 V and DC 220 V phases
• Equipped with a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
• Having automatic tests
• Having an earth indicator for safety
• Capable of reading all XRio and Rio files
• Dimensions :36×36 cm Weight: 12 kg
• Capable of automatically filling out the
• test sheets of different companies
• Having an Android OS app
• Trans test: ratio, Vector group,
• no load current, DC Resistance
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Primary Current Injection Up To 2000 A (Megger)SET1• est relay protection systems and their current transformers together
• Current level maintained though test circuit resistance may rise due to heating
• Built-in timer to record protection relay operation
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Secondary Current And Voltage Injection (Megger) SET1Megger Secondary Injection Test Set, 120A, 230V
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Transformer Oil Tester Up To 75K (Baur, australia) SET1 • Input voltage: 90 V ... 264 V (50/60 Hz) or DC 12 V
• Power consumption: max. 70 VA
• Rechargeable battery (option) Lead-acid battery, 2 x 6 V / 6.5 Ah
• Battery life (option) Approx. 8 hours (self-sufficient operation)
• Display: LCD colour display (320 x 240)
• Data interface: USB 2.0 (type B plug), BAUR Report Manager external USB interface (type A plug)
• Printer: Matrix printer, 24 characters, 57 mm plain paper
• Operational temperature: -10°C ... +55°C
• Storage temperature -20°C ... +60°C
• Humidity: Non-condensing
• Dimensions: 476 x 372 x 340 mm (closed), 476 x 635 x 420 mm (open)
• Weight: 27 kg (without battery), 29 kg (with battery)
• Degree of protection: IP 32
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Hipot Tester 100 KV DC (Phenix, USA) 4100-10SET1 •Ratings from 1 kV to over 1 million volts AC or DC
•Basic or advanced computerized control options
•Rugged design for field, industrial, and laboratory settings
•Stand-alone, modular, truck-, trailer- or container-mounted
•Models meeting specific standards such as ASTM D149 for material testing and ANSI A92.2 for insulated work platforms
•Units integrated with Partial Discharge Detectors
•Oil insulated or epoxy cast high voltage transformers
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Digital ThermometerNO4No Details
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Digital Tachometer NO4No Details
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Digital Earth TesterNO2No Details
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Transformer Equipments Test SET1No Details
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Special Tools For Battery Set and Battery Charger SET1No Details
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Digital Gauge Test 1/250 Bar GPS NO1No Details
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Test Hose HTH NO1No Details
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Digital Test Gauge P100-700 Bar NO1No Details
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Safety/Control Valve Bench Tester SET38No Details
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